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We intervene on all the bending machines of each of the various manufacturers,
for all industrial domains, for any kind of material, or complexity of the process,
the reasons why the most known manufacturers request C&O regularly for years,
in case of difficulty in the bending process or for performances of installations on sites.

Besides this partnership, we are present at the manufacturer's of bended products plants,
to eradicate the notorious defects in the rotary-draw bending process for tubes or profiles.
A 3rd estimated way, between the internal solution and the calls to the suppliers ...
C&O_TOYOTA_France_Somain C&O_FAURECIA_Portugal_Bragança C&O_DACIA_Romania


C&O_HUTCHINSON_Brasil_Extrema C&O_VISTEON_Hungaria_Székesfehérvar
C&O_SAFRAN_France_Forêt_de_Vernon C&O_SENIOR_Aerospace_Ermeto_France_Fosse C&O_TECALEMIT_Aerospace_France_Blois C&O_NPO-SATURN_Russia_Rybinsk C&O_AVIASTAR_Russia_Ulyanovsk
C&O_STEELCASE_France_Sarrebourg C&O_HEATCRAFT_Europe_France_Rhône C&O_BEHR_France_Rouffach C&O_SUMMO_Mexico_Monterrey C&O_LAFUMA_France_Anneyron
C&O_BOURGEAT_France_Isère C&O_LAFA_France_Aurillac C&O_FERRIOL-MATRAT_France_Loire C&O_GODONNIER_France_Loire C&O_PELLET_France_Rhône C&O_GUERIPEL_France_Isère
Cintrage-et-Outils_Manufactura-Moderna-de-Metales C&O_SPL_France_Prunay-Cassereau C&O_AFOREST_France_Henriville C&O_ERMO_France_Rhône C&O_VOLGAERO_Russia_Rybinsk Cintrage-et-Outils_Calsonic-Kansei
Our knowledge allows us to optimize the performances of the supplier of equipment,
by the writing of Specifications in which the exhaustiveness of the technical details
connected to the process, guarantee better our Customer, than any part of acceptance.
To work on all the bending machines, we know how to estimate better, the gaps.
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