Cintrage & Outils



Estimate, check, quantify, then demonstrate and explain, to help to change

We offer you probably the best of the outer looks on the rotary-draw bending process,
transforming the "phenomena" into a very exhaustive analysis of the nuisances,
armed with tens of very limited solutions produced on three decades.

By a technical audit, in total dumping between equipments and various users,
from which escapes no mechanical hindrance, no tooling disorder, no bad practice,
and which proposes ways of progress, mainly little expensive, at the end of every mission.
Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Defaut_Tube_Cuivre Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Defaut_Tube_Inox_Ferritique Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Rebus_Automobile Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Defaut_Tube_Aluminium Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Defaut_Tube_Laiton Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Defaut_Tube_Titane
Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Outil_Mors Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Outil_Efface-plis Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Outil_Mors-Mobile Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Outil_Mors-Stries Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Outil_Mandrin-Coupelles Cintrage-et-Outil_Expertise_Outil_Plateau-de-Forme
By a lighting focused on about ten grey areas, at the foot of any bending machine,
to offer you a putting in light of the nuisances, about which we know the daily impact,
never resolved by any Numerical Control, in spite of repeated attempts.

By an exhaustive report on the rotary-draw bending equipment and its environment,
to banish the doubts, the wooden advice, but especially the improvisations.

Do not go round in circles, for a tubular product.
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