Cintrage & Outils



The industry has been dreaming about it for a long time, and we decided to make it happen !
All our Benders always wanted to know about the process but never knowing, who, to ask ...

First of all we provide a theoretical training in order to get familiar with the basics in bending.
This enables to bring out numerous shortages of knowledge resulting from a lack of initial learning.

After that, with new knowledge and another way to consider the deformation process,
our trainees are invited to a second and practical module, in front the bending machine ...
To validate exhaustively all the previously stated rules with each trainee in producing,
adjusting, analyzing, optimizing and fixing this so particular method for producing.






The support of our training is just ideal : Your equipment, in Your workshop.
This way we offer you the possibility to have a team capable to optimize all your bent products.
Trainings are exclusively dedicated for industrial rotary-draw bending process of tubes and profiles.

The Users were trained in the rotary-draw bending process, an obvious prejudice, for any workshop.
But, we have to wonder always twice, about this subject. Since when ? And especially, by whom ?
We have ideas, connected to our experience. You have the concrete answers of the everyday life.
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